English Language Schools Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I am a beginner, intermediate, or advanced student?

On your first day at school, you will be given a written test that will determine your level.

How does your service work?

After you complete the form, we will write to you about schools that meet your choice. Many of them will have websites for you to learn more about them. We will then register you in the school of your choice.

What about payment of the fees?

We prefer that you pay the school direct. In some special cases, we will pay the school on your behalf, and collect the money from you in the UK.

What if I change my mind and want to study a different course?

It is usually possible to change to a different course. If you think that this is something you are likely to do, please write to us first to ensure that this can be done at the school of your choice.

What is the difference between the various schools?

Not much, in terms of teaching English. You have to consider a number of factors including where you want the school to be, how much it costs, and how many people will you have in your class.

When can I start a course?

Usually, you can start any Monday subject to availability. There are morning classes, afternoon classes, and evening classes.

What does it mean British Council Accredited?

It means that the British Council, which are a goverment organisation, have inspected the school and approved the standards. We do not deal with schools that are not accredited by the British Council.

What about accommodation?

Unless you already have a place to stay in the UK, we recommend that you arrange your accommodation before travelling. Most schools can offer you accommodation and it is worth considering what they have to offer. Be careful using agencies that charge you money before finding you accommodation. We will be happy to offer you advise if in doubt.

I am from the EU, do I need a visa to enter the UK? and can I work?

No, you don't need a visa. EU nationals can work in the UK without applying for a permit. You will however need to apply for a National Insurance number.

I am not from the EU, do I need a visa to come to the UK? and can I work?

You will need to check with the British embassy in your country. We recommend that you apply for a student visa. As a student, you may be allowed to work for not more than 20 hours per week. Please check with the British Embassy for any special conditions